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Swimming every day - Gimp's log, day 13

Posted by Paul Mylrea on March 12, 2013 at 9:10 AM

It really does work! Getting in every day is addictive. Overheard one day last week was someone who had got a new job but had negotiated a later start to let him get to the Pond! 

Pix of Day 12 in The Gimp's folder - snow flurries on the surface, but water crisp and clear.

High(and low)lights so far:

- Being chased by a swan on day one of the unbroken run. Terry said it was a West German swan chasing the East Germans away!

- Watching the look of horror on son's face as he got in for the first (and so far only!) time

- Mist on the water on Friday 8th

- Watching my fresh loaf (in slow motion) from Crusty Bloomers (it has to be John K's favourite baker) in Camden fall out of my bike bag and get run over by a bus...

How long can the unbroken run go?

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