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26-27 April - this weekend's swims

Posted by The Honey Badger on April 28, 2013 at 6:30 AM


On Saturday, the Ice Man was able to cajole his son Charlie for another dip, for which Charlie was presented with a genuine East German Army Issue cap (as modelled by Bessie earlier this week) for "2 dips under 10C." Nick also brought Pablo from Mexico, who managed to swim 20 mins first time in. I repeat, Pablo's from Mexico. Another Vikas Nanda Conundrum in the making?


Today, Asa Burgess (discoverer of the Asa Burgess Paradox) won a cap for "most sub-10 swims by under 18 year old" at this mornings swim. An especially good turnout today, including youngsters two Noah Burgess and Noah Taylor, plus David "Itamar's dad" and Dwight at pond side.


WIth John and Dwight absent for the runs this weekend, the pace was much more humane, as proven by the fact that I was the first to arrive at the ponds and was the first in the water too. Don't count on that happening again!


Speaking of not happening, we're beginning to look for Vikas's face on milk cartons. Please sign in Vikas and let us know you're ok. Is 9C too warm for you?


A blurry picture of this morning in Today's Swim folder. Still waiting on David's photos from a couple of weeks ago and Nick's photos from yesterday.


I will be in the ponds ca 0830 tomorrow. It's Monday…why not?

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