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Illegal Welsh Swim. An Ode to Sailer Boy

Posted by Vikas Nanda on April 7, 2015 at 4:55 PM

On April 7, 2015 Iceman wrote:

To Kenneth

Our sailor boy made a mistake

By swimming alone in a lake

The signs were quite clear

Danger deepwater, You should'nt ouughta

Be swimming solo, in here.

In this instance young ken was not wise

Determined to not heed the signs

Despite nearby crowd he hollered aloud

And proceeded to his exercise.

At once he attracted the ire

Of the local welsh caravan squire

You should not be in (look you), solo bathings a sin

If you drown we are all in the mire!

Young kenneth with usual charm

Sent pikeys face red with alarm

As He said with a grin , thanks for letting me swim

You're so right, It's quite safe, what's the harm?

Now nothing can guarantee rancour

More than lip from some north London wanker

The sheep shaggers gave chase

To the station ken raced

And fled back to town, what chancer!!


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