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Pond Life: Lost Cap & Total Madness

Posted by Vikas Nanda on November 1, 2015 at 7:15 PM


Pond Life: Typical weekend conversations !!

Ice: Much consternation this morning after leaving the pond.

It had occurred to me that I had not recalled packing my swimming cap post dip.

I returned to the cowshed, much to the amusement of teacher man, to establish its whereabouts,

It was nowhere to be seen. I have checked and it has not been handed in to the lifeguards.

It may be of course that some character such as Dunne or Showgirl has taken it home to sniff it, or place it on a dais surrounded by candles.

The less likely scenario is that someone has inadvertently put it into their bag.

I am indeed bereft and lost without it. Therefore if it does come to light could someone please let me know.

Oh and another topic entirely: I was compelled to go into Starbucks this morning for one of my kids.

I got stuck behind a rather unattractive woman(so not even the benefit of a cute arse to look at) who ordered the following:

A "venti skinny soy extra hot cinnamon macchiato with an extra shot”

In the words of the great John Malkovich from “Burn after reading” (more reference to Showgirl)

"WHAT THE F**K!” is that!!!!!

the world has now officially gone mad.

Any cap news gratefully received.

Dunne/Showgirl: if you guys have it, at least have the decency to rinse it out and open a window afterwards.



Darren / Ice conversation:

Darren : "ice, what's up"

Ice : "I've lost my cap"

Darren : "You're wearing it"

Ice looks confused. Touches his head.

Ice : "No, the swimming one. I can't find it. I think it's in my bag"

Darren can't see a bag

Darren : "Ice, you're not wearing a bag"

Ice looks flustered

Ice : "no, I know. The bag is in my car."

Darren is now laughing. But need's to clear one thing up.

Darren : "Ice, where's your car?"

Ice: Well it was here when I parked it this morning?

I still can't find it, so if anyone has seen that please let me know

Jamie ( being helpful after a swim in Lake Zurich) !!


Jamie:Ice, check the Model Boat Pond. You may have left the handbrake off.

Tim chimes in:

Tim: I picked up a cap that had been left behind last weekend - will bring it in tomorrow.

Can't help with the car..

Ice has the final word:

Ice: Christ they say I'm confused!

No: It was THIS MORNING DEAR! Not last weekend. THIS MORNING.

Don't worry , would you like a cup of tea or a lie down?

Or some of my lithium?

Oh no, have you wet yourself again don't worry!



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