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Bus Day 2015

Posted by TimR on December 21, 2015 at 4:35 AM

Tis the season to be jolly,

And head to the ponds with a bottle of "Bolly",

To remember the reason why we all come here,

For the event that occurs just once a year.


Held in honour of a man named Kearney,

With whom we have shared this special journey,

On early mornings throughout the year,

Dressed in our East German replica gear.


Experiencing memories we’ll never forget,

Whether it’s hot or cold, snowy or wet,

With a group who be it morning, noon or night,

Are known for talking mostly absolute sh*te!


What greater joy in life can there honestly be?

Than enjoying the “crack” with the EGLST,

Whether joshing with lifeguards Terry, Dan or Mick,

Or sampling hot chocolate stirred by Iceman’s d&&k!


So raise your glasses and may I propose a toast,

To the man that we owe it to the most,

Who we affectionately refer to as “our man Tom”,

“Happy Bus Day” - now get your laughing gear around this Jaeger bomb!


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