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Ode to the EGLST

Posted by TimR on December 21, 2015 at 4:40 AM

If in life you need a thrill,

Then make your way to Parliament Hill,

Where on weekend mornings the "ladies" meet,

Come rain or shine, snow or sleet.


The banter's great and there are always jokes,

From this band of eccentric blokes,

Whether teachers, lawyers, dentists or bankers,

You couldn't accuse this lot of being w&&kers!


They can't be missed with their sleek white caps,

And are known to be impartial to schnapps,

Swimming in places from Moscow to Devon,

With the insignia "Moob rule since 2011!"


So why not go and give it a try?

And experience something that money can't buy,

By stripping down to your jammers and shorts,

And taking part in this odd form of sport!


Some may say this group are insane,

But what's swimming in the sea in Spain,

When you know you would rather be,

In the ponds with the EGLST!


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